About Me. . .

Lynn and Glaciers v3

Well hello there.  Welcome to The Road to Honey.

I’m Lynn – an adventure travel junkie, cookie fanatic, elephant loving monkey connoisseur.

Prior to founding The Road to Honey I have spent 17 years working as a Scientist for Corporate America.   While I had many amazing experiences that I wouldn’t trade for the world (including a three year assignment in Kenya), I suddenly came to the realization that I was spending all of my waking hours eating, sleeping and breathing corporate life.  I was horrified to discover that I was no longer investing time into pursuing & developing my personal passions . . . and quite frankly,  I forgot how to have fun and smell the roses.  So with that I bid corporate life adieu and said  “hello” to this new chapter in my life.

Enter The Road to Honey.  It  was born as a creative outlet to help me re-learn how to live life outside of Corporate – a sweeter, beautiful more balanced life.  Through The Road to Honey I hope to inspire others to do the same.