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Well hello there.  Welcome to The Road to Honey.


This Brown Butter Pumpkin & Chocolate Oreo Layer Cake is a moist chocolate layer sandwiched between two layers of brown butter pumpkin cake dotted with flecks of Oreo.  The cake is then topped with a rich brown butter cream cheese frosting & then coated with Oreo cookie crumbs.


I’m Lynn – an adventure travel junkie, cookie fanatic, elephant loving monkey connoisseur.


Prior to founding The Road to Honey I spent 17 years working as a Scientist for Corporate America.   While I had many amazing experiences that I wouldn’t trade for the world (including a three year assignment in Kenya), I suddenly came to the realization that I was spending all of my waking hours eating, sleeping and breathing corporate life.  I was no longer investing time pursuing & developing my personal passions.  Quite frankly, I forgot how to have fun and smell the roses. So with that I bid corporate life adieu and said “hello” to this new chapter in my life.


Enter The Road to Honey.  It was born as a creative outlet to help me re-learn how to live life outside of Corporate – a sweeter, beautiful more balanced life. Through The Road to Honey I hope to inspire people like yourself to do the same.




The Road to Honey lives by the mantra “Bake It Beautiful” & strives to provide inspiration & recipes for elevated, yet approachable baking.


It’s designed for the home baker who doesn’t see baking as a chore, but rather a journey that enables him or her to express his or her creativity through the development of uniquely beautiful cakes, cookies, and tarts.


Through written & visual stories and warm & cozy photography, I want to leave you feeling like you have pulled up a cozy chair in my kitchen as we share a cup of coffee (or tea) while something delicious is baking in the oven.


The Road to Honey also intends to inspire the everyday person who wants to simply see and admire the beauty of what can be created in the kitchen.  And while that person might not ultimately make the recipe in its entirety, I hope it inspires them to step outside of their comfort zone and bake something that they previously might have thought was unattainable to them.




Prior to founding The Road to Honey, I lived in Ohio, then Kenya.  I’m currently based in Boston with my handsome husband Hooman & my miniature lioness, Lucy the cat.


While you see loads of indulgences on The Road to Honey, fitness is an important part of my life.  My hands might look nice and smooth in the photos you see on this space, but if you flip them over you will see plenty of scrapes & calluses from the many hours spent pumping iron in the gym and box jumping, olympic weight lifting, & kipping in crossfit classes.


I have a huge passion for travel.  Some of my very favorite places are Kenya, Madagascar, Iceland, Cape Town, & Italy.  I also volunteer at least once a year on various conservation projects.  Projects I’ve recently been on include:  cheetah conservation in Namibia, black rhino conservation in Kenya, penguins in Patagonia, & owls in Utah.  From these trips, I think you have probably figured out that I love animals, so much so that I usually find myself surrounded by them.


Honey – Grams


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